Planning for Success with Rutherford Cross

PYJC 7aRutherford Cross’ Grant Atkinson shares his thoughts following the first in our 2016 ‘Planning Your Career Journey’ series aimed at newly and recently qualified accountancy and finance professionals.

Following the success of our inaugural Planning Your Career Journey event in 2015, Rutherford Cross held the first in its 2016 series in partnership with BDO, AG Barr, and the Wheatley Group.

At Rutherford Cross we regularly speak with qualified professionals keen to understand the best way to achieve their career aspirations.   As the demand for high calibre, qualified professionals continues to be high, it is important that potential candidates are well informed about their potential career choices.

The Rutherford Cross Planning Your Career Journey series brings together successful finance professionals from all financial walks of life to share their experiences and offer insight into what it takes to achieve both short and long term goals.  At this event, we were joined by Steven Henderson, Deputy Director of Finance at Wheatley Group; Ian Reid, Head of Commercial Finance at AG Barr; and Neil McGill, M&A Director at BDO.

Whilst each of our speakers had their own story to tell, there were some common threads through each:

  • Being passionate about your work will allow you to perform to a higher level
  • Always work hard to maintain positive relationships when changing jobs
  • Take the opportunity to work abroad as this stands you out in a competitive market
  • Learning a language can be beneficial, particularly if you are looking to join a global organisation
  • Working with colleagues and a team you trust allows you to remain focused on your own personal delivery
  • Be prepared to take calculated risks during your career – each move will bring an element of uncertainty, but be committed and stick with it to reap the rewards
  • Networking internally and externally can lead to new opportunities
  • Be prepared to make sacrifices – this may include dropping your salary in order to take the ideal job
  • Consider the long term effects of each career opportunity rather than the short term goals
  • Seek out a mentor.  This could be your manager, an external professional, or via a programme such as the ICAS mentoring scheme

By taking the time to consider your career goals and seeking out information from experienced professionals within the sector network, newly and recently qualified professionals can get on track to achieve their aspirations from the start.

The next Rutherford Cross Planning Your Career Journey event will take place at 200 St Vincent Street on 9 June 2016.  If you’re interesting in building your network or attending our events, please contact [email protected]