The Benefits of a Partnership Approach for Internal and External Recruiters

As agency recruitment consultants, an important part of our job is working effectively and productively with internal recruiters and human resources professionals. In this blog, we highlight how a partnership approach can benefit both parties.

At Livingston James Group, we are proud to have a dedicated Professional Services team to service the market led by Director, Sophie Randles. Within the professional services space, the war for talent is still very much alive and the market is extremely competitive. There are a record number of opportunities for professionals, allowing them to have many different options at any one time to consider. On top of this, there is also a record number of industry opportunities for professional services specialists to consider moving into. This in turn means that there simply aren’t enough experienced finance professionals to satisfy the need for resources within firms.

Due to the above, we believe it is imperative that we are working in the most effective way with our clients, and in particular, with internal recruiters and HR colleagues. We realise the importance of building and nurturing these relationships to allow us to attract and place exceptional talent for our clients. On top of this, we believe that internal and external recruiters working together in partnership allows for a smoother process for candidates and therefore the best possible candidate experience.

Internal and external recruiters ‘complete the package’ when it comes to ensuring successful recruitment processes. Internal recruiters / HR are the experts on the ins and outs of a business or firm and on what is needed to perform well in a specific role. On the other hand, agency recruiters are completely embedded in the markets that they serve which means that they have the market knowledge to help businesses understand trends and expectations of candidates. Agency recruiters spend a lot of time ensuring they are connecting with candidates in meaningful ways outside of recruitment processes. This includes general networking and event activities to get to know candidates more deeply, and also support with candidate referrals and career progression.

Effective communication is at the core of ensuring recruitment relationships are built well and nurtured. We ensure that we are catching up with internal recruitment professionals in the businesses we work with on a regular basis so that we understand recruitment directions as well as ensuring we are up to date with any business plans, news and updates.

At the core of both internal and external recruitment roles, we are working towards the same goal: ensuring exceptional talent is placed into the businesses we work for and with. There is a real opportunity for internal and external recruiters to be a powerhouse together, as the differences in roles actually complement each other and allow for greater results for all.  True partnership will lead to an increased number of successful hires, a positive candidate journey, more efficient recruitment processes, improved trust and communication, and an overall more enjoyable experience for all parties.

By fully embracing this partnership approach, your competition won’t stand a chance!


For further information about our dedicated professional services team or how we can support your firm with your recruitment activities, please reach out to us at [email protected].