Scotland Senior Tax Leaders Roundtable in Partnership with RSM

Amy Ferguson, Consultant at Rutherford Cross, reflects on the latest ‘Scotland Senior Tax Leaders’ roundtable event hosted in partnership with RSM.

At Rutherford Cross, we are lucky to be able to partner with our clients on joint events and networking opportunities, bringing together professionals to discuss specialist topics within their markets.  Most recently, we partnered with RSM to host a roundtable event with senior tax professionals in Scotland. The first topic of conversation focused on the tax rate increases and the potential long-term implications with respect to the UK economy and tax policy in general.

The second topic involved exploring the most significant changes coming to the R&D landscape since 2000, including the change in rates and the nature of what qualifies for the relief. We also discussed the new rules regarding the submission of claims and HMRC’s new focus on compliance. The conversation was led by the tax experts at RSM who were able to bring colour to a number of recent changes. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the discussion, and group members left with valuable food for thought.

The tax landscape continues to evolve as new changes are brought in, and we believe it is important to be able to provide our clients and candidates with a forum where prevalent topics can be discussed and questions can be raised with experts. The benefits of coming together in this way include the opportunity to network and the chance to have conversations with like-minded tax professionals who may be able to bring different ideas and standpoints to tax related situations.

Throughout the year, Rutherford Cross is proud to host a number of different events in partnership with our clients. Our events serve as different platforms for knowledge sharing and networking. If you are interested in finding out more about our event schedule, please reach out to the team at [email protected].