Reflections on 1 Year at Rutherford Cross in the East of Scotland Recruitment Market

Rutherford Cross’ Will Dodds, reflects on a year working both at Rutherford Cross and within the East of Scotland Market.

It feels like only yesterday that I joined Rutherford Cross, part of the Livingston James Group, yet it also feels as though I have been with the business for a lot longer than a year! I always knew joining a new business in a new country would have its challenges, however, it has been softened by the deepened relationships across the Group and how welcome I have been made to feel by the wider market.


New Perspectives

This last year has taught me a lot, and looking at some of the highlights, I have been lucky enough to work with some great businesses across Scotland in a range of sectors: FMCG, Renewables, Financial Services, Private Equity and the Public Sector to name but a few.

I have also hosted and been a part of some amazing events, welcoming incredible speakers and guests to openly discuss career decisions to date and put new perspectives on career outlooks, as well as what success looks like as accountants work their way up the career ladder. A key takeaway for me was that it’s ok to make mistakes; as long as you keep your core values close, things tend to work out for the better in the long term.

I also found that embedding the purpose of our business (“advising and supporting people and organisations to realise their potential, so that together we can impact lives and communities for the better”), has given me a new perspective on how I go about my day-to-day work, putting relationships first and always looking to do the right thing. Edinburgh is a small city at heart, so utilising wider networks has really allowed me to get to know the underbelly of the market and how to make the most of it.


Working in the Capital

Looking ahead to 2023, Edinburgh continues to be placed as a top city to work in. In an article released by the Business Insider, Edinburgh is forecasted to be one of the best performing cities for economic output and employment by the end of 2023. With the economy expected to be 1.1% larger in the fourth quarter of 2023 than it was in the final quarter of 2022, and in the top 10 for job creation, it makes the capital an incredibly attractive city to work in. Employment levels are also expected to rise by 1.6%, taking headcount to 371,200.

Along with these positives, the recent announcement that our business has now become employee owned (see Employee Ownership Announcement), makes this year a very exciting one indeed.

I feel I have come a long way in a very short space of time, getting to fully immerse myself in a fantastic city across a range of sectors. Not only that, but on the weekends, I get to explore the vast array of landscapes Scotland has to offer. For me, this has created a constant need to keep exploring, both in a business context and the environment in which I live.


If you would like to understand what a career as an accountant in Scotland looks like, or you are currently thinking about a move to the capital, please do not hesitate to get it touch as I would be delighted to discuss the current market and the steps it takes to call Edinburgh home: [email protected]