Embracing Growth and Learning: My Internship at Rutherford Cross

As her internship at Rutherford Cross draws to a close, Research Associate Erica Drummond looks back on her summer working at the Livingston James Group, sharing her journey from the first interview up to her final week reflections.



As my penultimate year studying psychology at the University of Edinburgh neared its end, I was faced with the challenge of making the most of my final summer before entering the ‘real’ world. Unsure of which career path to pursue, I was overwhelmed with the myriad of options before me. However, a chance encounter with a Director of Livingston James Group, Sophie Randles, paved the way for an exciting internship opportunity at Rutherford Cross.

Little did I know how perfectly this experience would align with my own personal ethos, while offering me an invaluable insight into the professional world of recruitment.


The Interview that Set it All in Motion

Sitting nervously in my dorm room in Canada while on my year abroad, staring at the black zoom screen in front of me, I pondered over how my interview would unfold. However, Sophie’s warm and welcoming demeanour instantly put any nerves that I had to rest. Following the successful call, my anticipation to be part of Rutherford Cross grew exponentially, and I eagerly awaited confirmation of my position as a summer intern scheduled from May 31st to August 31st, 2023.


My Role as an Intern Research Associate

Within Rutherford Cross, I hold the title of an Intern Research Associate, responsible for supporting the Recruitment Consultants with their various search projects for clients; sourcing appropriately qualified candidates and market intelligence. Additionally, I embrace tasks contributing to the company’s day-to-day operations. This involves event organisation, crafting job adverts, sitting in on client meetings, learning how to navigate the newly installed recruitment system, and other general admin jobs and tasks.

One of my favourite aspects of the job includes getting involved with the many events that the company frequently holds, which allows me to broaden both my professional network and knowledge in a multitude of areas. Beyond the realm of recruitment, I have also had the unique opportunity to learn about psychometric testing and HR practices, broadening my understanding of various fields.


A Welcoming and Supportive Environment

From the moment I stepped foot into the company I felt an instant connection with the team at Rutherford Cross. The inclusive culture and nurturing environment are evident in every interaction and action taken by my colleagues, and this has fostered an atmosphere where I have found myself thriving, both personally and professionally. The camaraderie among my fellow colleagues allows me to feel like an integral part of the team, fostering the creation of meaningful relationships and effective collaboration.


Learning and Growth

Despite my initial uncertainty when deciding which field to proceed with this summer, my time at Rutherford Cross has proven to be an exceptional learning experience and nothing short of transformative. In just a couple months, I have absorbed more knowledge and experiences than I ever anticipated.

Capitalising on my background in psychology and research skills, I found myself excelling in this fast-paced and people-centric environment. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I was given to explore and grow in this professional landscape, and at present I am more confident in my future career choices than ever before.

As I prepare for the next chapter in my life, I will carry the lessons and memories from this internship as a source of inspiration and motivation for the exciting path that lies ahead.


If you are interested in joining our team, or would like more information on what a career looks like at Rutherford Cross or the wider Livingston James Group, please get in touch: [email protected].