A Story of Naïve Optimism: The First 90 Days as a Recruitment Consultant at Rutherford Cross

Following his first 90 days in the recruitment industry, Consultant Ally Deas reflects on his journey so far, sharing what life has been like working at Rutherford Cross.



Starting a new job is both exciting and challenging; starting a new career, in a new sector, takes that to a different level.

“Rutherford Cross is a purpose led and value driven recruitment company specialising in senior finance and accounting positions in Scotland.”

I recently read through my notes from my interview preparation before I joined Rutherford Cross and I found the above statement. As good as that sounds, I am not afraid to admit that I didn’t really know what that meant when I wrote it. This article is a reflection of my experiences, lessons learnt, and general musings from my first 90 days as a Recruitment Consultant at Rutherford Cross – you’ll be glad to know I have a much deeper understanding of what that sentence means now!

Like me, before you join a new company or start a new job, you have probably done some research on the company; looking at their website, LinkedIn, Companies House, and doing some general googling to make sure it seems like a good place to work. When I did this research, I read “purpose led” & “value driven” and my curiosity got the better of me.

The deeper I dove, the more intrigued and excited I got, as the values and the purpose aligned with my own – AND they are employee owned. From that point onwards, I knew that the collaborative culture and the performance of the company would make it a good place to work; I was bought in and it was now up to me to perform in the interview process.

The recruitment process had multiple stages. Fortunately, I could be myself throughout because I knew that we have shared values. The biggest ‘unlock’ moment I felt through the process was when I said: “I want to add value with every interaction so that everyone leaves my company feeling good.”


Our Values

Here are the values of Rutherford Cross:

  • Together we achieve more
  • Be famous for excellence
  • Always do the right thing
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Make a difference


Before I even got started I felt at home, but now that I was in the door, it was time to get stuck in!


Month 1 – Naïve Optimism

The journey began armed with naïve optimism; acknowledging that while I lacked certain recruitment knowledge, my enthusiasm, transferable skills and determination would compensate for it. On my very first day, I was entrusted with two job assignments: a testament to the trust and belief the team had in me. The supportive culture at Rutherford Cross was immediately evident as my colleagues collaborated and introduced me to high-calibre candidates for these roles.

Within the first week I met two clients and eight candidates, attended a recruitment event, and completed 12 induction modules. The pace was relentless, and I found myself way out of my comfort zone; however, I also realised that I was exactly where I was meant to be. This role allowed me to add value to both clients and candidates, aligning perfectly with my personal purpose.

The remainder of my first month involved soaking up as much knowledge as possible. I learned the ropes, processes, and gathered hints and tricks from experienced recruiters. What amazed me most was the ability of my colleagues to recall vast amounts of information. For example, a candidate’s name being mentioned in a conversation would lead to an immediate recommendation for a suitable vacancy – a skill that I aim to acquire.


Month 2 – Spinning Plates and Finding My Stride

In my second month, I continued to embrace the role of a sponge – this time with more insights into accountancy and recruitment. I had achieved my first job placement just five weeks into the job: an accomplishment that boosted my confidence and enthusiasm.

The workload began to intensify as I was entrusted with an additional four very different job assignments. My ability to manage multiple tasks and build relationships proved essential in “spinning the plates” effectively. I secured two more placements – each presenting its own set of challenges – including multiple interview rounds, candidate withdrawals, and dealing with a wide variety of difficult situations. The learning curve is steep and there is always another plate sitting there ready to start spinning – it is so exciting!

Back to zero.


Month 3 – Business Planning & Digging Deep

The third month marked a period of business planning, as I focused on scaling my achievements. I had the opportunity to attend a company offsite, where I learned the true meaning of resilience from guest speaker Chris Moon MBE (you need to google him)! I have been teased in the office for the influence that Chris had on me, but the timing of the message that he delivered was impeccable and it was perspective that I needed.

I actively seek out things that are difficult, often in the form of physical challenges, and from this I have learned that I am resilient; I can dig deep, and now was the perfect time to transfer that to my new job. My efforts were rewarded with 4 additional placements in my 3rd month in recruitment!

I also had the chance to say “yes” to exciting opportunities; attending two events and a charity fundraising quiz, and cycling between Rutherford Cross offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. – The organisation’s supportive environment has encouraged personal and professional growth. Furthermore, there are facilities in place for me to cycle to work which sets up my day with a win in the form of a decent endorphin hit and overcoming a challenge!

Back to zero.


A Key Lesson: Listen and Learn

One of the greatest shortcuts in life is to listen to those who have excelled in their field for years. Being surrounded by excellence and some of the best in the game at Rutherford Cross has been instrumental in my development as a Recruitment Consultant. I’ve learned that success in this role is not just about finding candidates for clients, but about building genuine, long-lasting relationships based on trust and partnership.



The first 90 days as a Recruitment Consultant at Rutherford Cross have been a whirlwind of learning, challenges and successes. I’ve discovered that the client relationship management and business development skills I developed previously are entirely transferable to this role. Building rapport, offering value, and nurturing relationships are key to success in this purpose-led, value-driven organisation.

As I look ahead, I am excited about the opportunities to continue adding value to clients, candidates, colleagues, and the community; while growing both professionally and personally in this dynamic field of recruitment. This blog post has provided an excellent opportunity for me to reflect on my time here, and has acted as a tool for me to understand how far I have already come.


For more information on careers at Rutherford Cross, and for a confidential discussion about joining our team, please contact [email protected].