What to Expect when Working with a Recruitment Agency

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Rutherford Cross’ Will Dodds explains what candidates can expect from working with a recruitment professional to plan their next career move.

We are often asked the benefit of working with a recruitment agency from a candidate perspective. For those who haven’t engaged with a reputable recruitment agency, there can be the perception that people are the product, and are just a means to the next fee.

Fortunately, at Rutherford Cross and the wider Livingston James Group, this couldn’t be further from the approach we take. Our team takes huge pride in seeing individuals reach their potential, as well as adding value to not only their personal goals, but the teams they join and the wider business they benefit.

At the Livingston James Group, we live by one purpose which sums up our belief in the work we do:

We are here to advise and support people and organisations to realise their potential, so that together we can impact lives and communities for the better.

In this blog we explore what a recruitment consultant has to offer in order to help those looking for a new role to realise their potential.

Building Relationships

First, the ‘get to know’. It is our responsibility to understand the individual, not only their motives for looking or what they are looking for, but to understand of where the next step should take them in order to achieve their goals.

Often an initial discussion will focus on career progression. More often than not we find ourselves advising candidates to stay where they are rather than look elsewhere.

These initial discussions allow us to build trust and the basis of our relationship as a trusted career advisor, ensuring all parties are on the same page.

Providing Advice and Expertise

At Rutherford Cross, we specialise in recruiting finance professionals across Scotland, this allows us to keep a close eye on the market, as well as give exposure to a range of businesses from large institutions to owner led boutique companies.

This gives candidates the chance to understand the positives and negatives of both from an external and internal perspective.

As dedicated recruiters for the senior finance space, we have excellent intelligence on market level, rates, and the lengths companies are willing to go to in order to ensure they secure the best hire for their role being advertised.

As a consultant, we are on the ground, speaking to companies, colleagues and competitors gaining intel on what they are offering. It may be that you are above market rate, or way below market rate. Working with us allows you an insight to the level you should be on.

Interview Guidance and Feedback

Once you reach the interview stage, we are here to prepare you to put yourself across in the best light.  We can walk you through interview scenarios, discuss which questions are likely to come up, who you will be meeting, how to get the best chance of securing the position. For more insight to how we can help, you can read our blog on how to prepare for an interview.

It is also our responsibility to get feedback from interviews. Receiving this feedback can allow you to grow and develop in interview technique and confidence to make sure the next interview is the best.

We benefit from a successful interview so important to make sure you are as prepared as possible from the first moment until the last.

Range of Opportunity

With our extensive network ranging across Scotland and beyond, we aim to present as many potential career opportunities as possible.  This will allow you to get to know a variety of businesses as well as potential line managers, and better understand the type of organisation you are hoping to work for

Ultimately, we aim to give you a chance to get to know the business from a range of perspectives and give potential employers the chance to get to know you.  We will never just send your CV and hope for the best!


However it feels, when you work with a recruiter you are not alone in your search. We aim to become a trusted career advisor, partnering with you to allow you to bounce ideas, lean on for support, and have an honest conversation about whether you think the role you have applied for is the right opportunity. We’re here to act as a sounding board and can work with you to establish the long term, medium term, and short-term positives and negatives of the opportunity

A Streamlined Process

We know that you are busy with the day job and that searching for a new role can take up valuable time. Applying to roles, searching job boards, booking in interviews all adds up, and can become stressful to manage.

As a consultant, we will work with you to give you full coverage of the market, understand diary restrictions and manage your expectations to take the stress off your plate

If you would like to gain a further understanding of how to truly reach your potential, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Rutherford Cross team who would be happy to set up a confidential chat about your bespoke search to achieve your career goals.