Top Trends to Consider when Looking for your Next Treasury Role

Amy Ferguson, Tax and Treasury specialist at Rutherford Cross, reviews business and hiring trends moving into the second half of 2022 and discusses what jobseekers need to know when considering a career move.

In July, we saw the euro fall below the dollar for the first time in nearly 20 years as the war in Ukraine pushes the single currency down. With continuing geopolitical fluctuations across the globe, the role of the treasury function continues to be ever evolving and fast-paced and as ever, the demand for talent is high.

When considering if the time is right to make a career move, there are a number of trends visible within the treasury landscape that could factor into decision making, and what roles or organisations might best align with your career aspirations.


Technology / AI

Evolving technology continues to impact corporate treasury functions. The interesting question is whether or not functions are using or wanting to use new technology. There are questions around trusting the technology and whether this will change the role of the treasury function in businesses. To touch on one part of this; undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big player. AI is already being utilised to automate processes in organisations like cash flow planning, cash forecasting and hedging. This is extremely valuable in terms of managing risk and even preventing fraud.

If you have an interest in technology and believe that it is key for the progression of the treasury function, finding out if a potential employer is on-board with tech within the treasury function is essential before making any decisions about a role.


Remote Working in a Changing Landscape

With the majority of treasury teams working remotely during the pandemic, and now in a hybrid model, the way that teams learn and develop has changed, with some junior and mid-management level treasury professionals finding it more challenging to manage professional development.

If joining a treasury team at this level, it is essential to understand how the business manages learning and professional development in a hybrid working environment, both formally and informally, as this may impact your decision when it comes to accepting a role.


New Behaviours in Treasury Professionals

Hiring managers look at two things when they are interviewing: technical skillset and behavioural skillset. In the past couple of years, the need for excellent interpersonal skills in the treasury function has come into focus.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the technical skills have become any less imperative, however treasury professionals are required to be well rounded and there is significant focus on emotional intelligence. This could be a key differentiator in recruitment processes, so it is worth considering how you can evidence your skills in this area when going through the recruitment process.


What does this mean for treasury professionals looking for their next move?

The treasury recruitment market remains tight with a high number of mid management level vacancies (Treasury Analyst/Treasury Manager). There are a number of consideration points surrounding Treasury recruitment as we hit the half year point.

First of all, treasury teams have increased in size over the past couple of years which has led to a shortage of treasury professionals in the market. This has resulted in an increase in salary levels, and retention strategies of corporate businesses and the treasury departments have followed suit in terms of the competition for talent.

In general, businesses are offering higher than usual salaries at the mid management level in order to attract those treasury professionals who have avoided seeking new opportunities during the pandemic.  Many organisations are keen to acquire new talent at this level to boost resource and new ideas and approaches to treasury challenges.

As discussed above, the behavioural skillset for treasury professionals has become increasingly important, and very much in line in terms of importance with the technical skills needed. Evidencing both during the recruitment process will put you in the best position possible of achieving your career ambitions within the treasury function.


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