The Journey from Internal Talent Development in Barcelona to External Finance Recruitment in Edinburgh

Following her move to Scotland’s capital, Rutherford Cross Consultant, Claudia Prat, shares her experiences so far in her first three months at the business.


After five years at my previous job in Barcelona, I decided to embark on what I fondly call “Season 2” of my adult life in Edinburgh: a new job, new faces, and a beautiful new city to call home.

Leaving behind my role in internal talent development at a financial services firm, I anticipated landing in a similar position, surrounded by a familiar team and carrying out tasks I felt comfortable performing; however, encountering Rutherford Cross was a pleasant surprise that immediately ignited my inspiration.

As an HR professional deeply committed to employee engagement and culture, meeting the team and witnessing their dedication to excellence, collaboration and making a difference resonated deeply with me. It solidified my decision to dedicate my time to a company that values these principles.

This decision, as with many others, came with its ups and downs as I made my way through my first three months at the business.


First Month – Unlearn and Relearn

In the first month, transitioning from internal talent development to external recruitment proved to be a significant learning curve. While I possessed some prior experience in search and selection, I underestimated the challenge of adapting to a new country and a specialised sector, and building a network from scratch. However, with the support of my colleagues at Rutherford Cross who generously shared their expertise, provided feedback, and guided me through the process, I began to find my footing. It was evident from the outset that Rutherford Cross is more than just a business: it is a purpose-driven and values-led community, united in its mission to create a positive impact.

The first month was also filled with events; we partnered with RSM to hear Ooni’s Andrew Brown’s CFO story, we celebrated Rutherford Cross’ 10th birthday, and we had a very insightful panel in our “No Diversity, No Deal” series. These experiences helped me expand my network and gain a better understanding of the Scottish Finance market.


Second Month – First Wins

In the second month, following a refreshing Christmas break, I reached significant milestones by closing my first deal and securing my first client meetings. This experience underscored the importance of a strong brand, and the influence of a cohesive company culture and shared values in fostering relationships at Rutherford Cross.

Things started to fall into place, and I could see myself making slow but steady progress which allowed me to start making longer term plans for how I wanted to evolve in my role.


Third Month – Getting in the Groove

I walked into my third month with a clear objective: bring the best energy I possibly can to every part of the process. Although I initially felt some nerves about pushing beyond my comfort zone, I soon found a resilience within myself that allowed me to embrace new challenges. The journey of continuous learning turned out to be incredibly fulfilling.

We deep dived into “Atomic Habits” during our internal Knowledge Academy sessions, which has sparked some really helpful conversations about how we can structure our approach to achieve our objectives. As we worked together towards our common goals, it became evident that our shared values were the foundation of our success.



My first three months at Rutherford Cross have been a journey of growth, discovery and teamwork. Being part of a purpose-driven and values-led business was not just a professional choice but a personal one. It was a reaffirmation of my belief in the power of collaboration and collective action to effect positive change.

I’m looking forward to what the next three months will bring, and I intend to show up every day filled with energy and drive to help professionals and companies reach their potential.


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