The Benefits of Partnering with an Executive Search Firm

Recruiting the best person for a senior role can have a huge impact, but can pose a significant challenge for businesses.  Executive search firms offer access to a wide network alongside industry insight and expertise allowing them to source the best person available for your organisation.

Here, we look at the benefits businesses can expect to receive as a result of engaging a search firms.


Whilst job boards or LinkedIn can offer access to details of those looking for a move, often the highest calibre candidates are not actively looking for a new role.  These will be the candidates who have the experience, skill set, proven track record and cultural fit for your organisation. As professional recruiters who are experts in their field, it is the role of the executive search professional to build a network of the best candidates which they can use to your advantage, persuading those candidates who weren’t looking for a career change to consider your role as their next move.

Guaranteed Impartiality

Maintaining impartiality in a recruitment process can be a challenge, particularly if there is an internal candidate involved.  Using an executive search firm ensures an objective third-party perspective, guaranteeing that candidates are selected based on their merits, rather than relationships with colleagues.

Higher Success Rate

Access to a network of top performing candidates, teamed with industry expertise and a robust recruitment process means a professional headhunter will have a higher success rate in hiring the right person for your role, thus avoiding the potential negative impact of hiring the wrong employee.

Expert Recruitment Management

Professional recruiters have the processes in place to effectively manage the recruitment process.  They can often source faster and more efficiently and deal with the administration that accompanies the process.  Their experience also allows them to smoothly handle situations where candidates consider opting out of the process, or are presented with a counter offer.

A professional recruiter will ensure that candidates are managed professionally, giving the right feedback as required to ensure they leave the process with a positive impression of the firm concerned.

Industry Insight

As industry experts, headhunters can offer valuable insight gathered from previous searches, including information about hiring trends and industry standards on employee compensation.

Value for Money

Whilst the cost of hiring a professional recruiter may seem high, when compared against the costs of carrying out an internal process – including marketing, screening and interviewing,  in addition to the potential cost of employee turnover and repeating the recruitment process in the case of a bad hire, it can offer real value for money.


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