Switching Careers: First 90 Days as a Recruitment Consultant

Consultant, Fraser Burnett looks at his first three months as a Recruitment Consultant within the professional services market, and shares some reflections on his experiences using the 30-60-90 day model.

Three months ago, I made the decision to not just change my career, but to move into a new sector. Despite my lack of professional experience in this space, I felt confident that I possessed the skills and attributes required to perform at a high level within recruitment. Reflecting now, I decided to look back on the 30-60-90 day plan I had outlined for myself; considering the highs and lows, and lessons learnt three months in.


30 Days In

The first month was a whirlwind of training, meeting new people and getting acquainted with the company’s processes and culture. There was always going to be a steep learning curve getting to know the internal strategies and processes that were essential to wrap my head around, and I set about trying to absorb as much as possible.

At Rutherford Cross, we are a purpose and values led business, and I threw myself into embodying this professionally, shaping my approach to the recruitment process. My colleagues were a source of knowledge and I appreciated them welcoming me with open arms. I invested, and continue to invest, a lot of time in these relationships knowing that together we achieve more.


60 Days In

Once I established those foundations and was up and running, the next 30 days were when I really felt I had the chance to start developing my own personal brand and professional identify. I worked with Ruaridh Jackson, learning about how he transitioned from professional sport to business, and I reflected on my own sporting background and the similarities it has with the business world. You can read more about the interview here.

Through establishing meetings with candidates and clients, I feel like I have not only developed my knowledge of the market, but I am now on first-name terms with every barista in Edinburgh and Glasgow… Most challengingly, I had my first experience of a candidate setback, but I used the opportunity to reflect, help him bounce back and prepare and secure him a successful move.


90 Days In

Now at 90 days in, I have a firm understanding of the recruitment process and how that looks at Rutherford Cross, and I continue to meet with new candidates and learn about myself as a recruiter in the process.

I’ve particularly enjoyed participating in our wider business events, such as our charity Longest Day Golf Challenge (from which I’m still recovering) and I’m grateful to work for a company where my values align so closely. Possibly most importantly, I’ve learned that it’s noisy out there: candidates are inundated with recruiters reaching out to them. I, and the Livingston James Group, want to help people realise their full potential in the long term; I’m learning how to cut through that noise and make sure our purpose and values are clear through the way I conduct my business.


Key Reflections

These past three months have been challenging and exciting. Having time to reflect and write this blog, it has solidified my commitment to my new profession, and I know I have made the right decision working with Rutherford Cross and the Livingston James Group.

Our emphasis on helping people realise their potential means that I am afforded the time to build relationships, even in a busy market, and this aligns well with my genuine interest in understanding my clients and candidates. I’m looking forward to continuing to build relationships and doing the right thing by the candidates I’m working with in order to help them achieve success.

Having gone through a career change in the current market conditions, I feel I can confidently advise candidates looking to move sector, or even career, to take that leap of faith. It might not seem obvious but there is a path in front of you – you just need to go out and find it!


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