Rutherford Cross is delighted to be retained by Venture Trust to appoint a Head of Finance

Formed in 1983, Venture Trust is a registered charity based in Edinburgh city centre which has led the way on intensive personal development for people, at any stage in their life, struggling with issues such as long term unemployment, recovery from addiction, homelessness, isolation, involvement in the criminal justice system in Scotland, and a history of trauma or harm.

The Vision “Everyone, irrespective of their past, can achieve their potential for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. By 2024, we aspire that more people, ready for change, build the foundations to thrive and succeed for the long term.”

Venture Trust is passionate about enabling people who want to make changes in their lives for a better future. Venture Trust provides a range of different programmes designed to ensure participants make and sustain positive changes in their lives. Each programme follows a three phase journey of outreach support, intensive wilderness experience, then ongoing ‘community links’ support. The programmes represent an opportunity to boost confidence, motivation and aspirations, and to develop the skills to make their ambitions reality.  Based in different locations with various target audiences, the programmes include:

  • Inspiring Young Futures, young people experiencing life challenging circumstances wanting to make positive changes
  • Living Wild, men and women within the Criminal Justice System
  • Next Steps, women who have been involved with high risk offending
  • Positive Futures, military personal struggling to adjust to civilian life
  • Change Cycle, young people who have experience challenging life experiences and have already completed a programme

Combining the inherent challenge the outdoors offers with time and space away from influences at home, individuals can unlock skills and learn new, more positive, ways of approaching situations as well as reflecting on beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

The outreach and development staff are experts in building trusted professional relationships, balancing risk and reward in the outdoors and in nuancing delivery of developmental approaches to support, inspire and challenge individuals to be open to change and move forward.

Venture Trust has a number of core values, which underpin all activities and frame how it operates and interacts with its customers and partners:

  • Courage
  • Care
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration

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