Rutherford Cross is delighted to be partnering with the Donaldson Trust to appoint a Finance Manager on a permanent basis based in Linlithgow.

The Donaldson Trust has been located in Linlithgow since the new building opened in 2008. Originally situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s west end, the original Donaldson’s building was designed by William Playfair funded with money from the estate of James Donaldson, the Printer. Once this magnificent building was complete it opened in 1850 as a hospital for destitute and vulnerable children. In 1856 it was agreed by the governors that deaf children should not be excluded and subsequently Donaldson’s developed into a resource predominately for children who were deaf, although hearing children were always accepted. The use of British Sign Language has always been promoted at Donaldson’s. Donaldson’s has only changed usage once in its history when during the Second World War it became the 20th prisoner of war camp in Edinburgh and the school housed both German and Italian prisoners. Donaldson’s has a very long and proud history and have retained historically significant records and artefacts. Donaldson’s moved from its site in Edinburgh to Linlithgow in 2008.


  • Individual capability – Everyone has their individual capabilities; we find them. Help people reach their own potential. We loosen the confines, remove the barriers. We believe in every single person. Treating people as individuals shows we are flexible in our approach
  • Creativity – We are curious, forward-thinking, always looking for a better way. One day, we will be truly pioneering
  • Human dignity – We have integrity. We treat everyone with respect. We listen
  • Compassion – We understand. We have empathy. We are kind and caring
  • Openness and honesty – by being open and honest we earn trust; from that, we build rewarding relationships


  • Whilst The Donaldson Trust is governed by the Board of Trustees, the strategic and operational management of The Donaldson Trust is the responsibility of the Executive Leadership Team
  • Support functions include Estates, Digital/ICT, Finance and Human Resources who provide support to all services within the Trust
  • The Executive Team consists of Laura Watkins the CEO, Liz Delaney who is Head of People and Quality along with George Finnigan who heads up Resource and Strategy

With a new strategy bin place and growth plans agreed for the #JunX10n service the Donaldson Trust are looking to recruit a Finance Manager into this dynamic and existing business

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