Rutherford Cross is delighted to be partnering with Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) to appoint a Finance Manager (Part-Time)

The Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) is an infrastructure delivery company owned by Scottish Government.

Working with numerous public and private sector partners across our many programmes, it:

  • Plans future infrastructure investment
  • Innovates to secure new ways to fund essential infrastructure
  • Improves the management of existing properties
  • Delivers important infrastructure programmes

With construction one of the highest economic multipliers of any government expenditure, SFT’s infrastructure programmes have a positive effect on Scotland’s economy as they support thousands of jobs and create many more training and apprenticeship positions.

Then when operational, better roads, top-class schools, affordable homes, world-class hospitals as well as the availability of super-fast broadband make an even greater contribution to the economy as locations become more attractive to live and work in, trade is made easier through improved transport links and businesses thrive by having access to fast and reliable digital communications.

When SFT was established in 2008, Scottish Ministers set the organisation a challenging target of achieving between £100 – £150m of savings and benefits each year during its first, five-year Corporate Plan period.  And SFT succeeded, as between 2009 and 2014, it secured £642m of savings and benefits. During this 2014 – 2019 Corporate Plan period, SFT is working to secure a similar amount and is on track to do so with £135m delivered in 2014/15, £146m in 2015/16 and £138m in 2016/17 and £139m in 2017/18.

In helping secure future savings and benefits, SFT is seeking to appoint a Finance Manager to sit within the Infrastructure Finance and Programmes team. The Finance Manager will be responsible for consolidating, analysing, and reporting on financial information to support established infrastructure programmes, hub and NPD, as well as the emerging Mutual Investment Model programme and the investments held by Scottish Futures Trust Investments

The Finance Manager position incorporates a blend of financial modelling and stakeholder management, requiring a high calibre individual who is strong interpersonally, well organised, detail conscious and possesses excellent technical skills. A background in infrastructure would be useful, but more important is that the individual is analytical, innovative and eager to contribute.

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