Rutherford Cross is partnered with Denholm to recruit an Internal Audit and Compliance Manager

J.&J. Denholm is a fifth-generation family business. To ensure the continued strength of the Group, each generation has carefully considered the longer-term view of the future.  That is why today, The Denholm Group has purposefully evolved into four divisions: Shipping, Logistics, Seafoods and Industrial Services.  Each division originates from shipping or maritime services and has developed and expanded its products and services as customers’ needs have changed and to bring them to new customers.  This benefits all stakeholders – customers, partners, shareholders, suppliers and employees.

J&J Denholm has over 150 years of experience operating in four areas which account for £270m of turnover per year.

Overview of the Group’s four Divisions:

Denholm Shipping

 The fleet comprises three ships: two 38,000 deadweight tonne bulk carriers, ‘MV Mountpark’ and ‘MV Glenpark’, which were delivered in 2016 and 2017 respectively; and a 37,000-deadweight tonne bulk carrier, ‘MV Wellpark’, which was built in 2014. The fleet, which sails under the British flag, is commercially managed by Denholm Coates in London and technically managed by Anglo-Eastern from Hong Kong.

Denholm also has an 11% interest in Hadley Shipping Group, which owns four bulk carriers, one container ship and four roll-on/roll-off ships (ROROs).

Denholm Coates is a shipbroking and commercial management business. It focusses on the international dry cargo market covering bulk carriers, multi-purpose vessels and heavy lift ships. Denholm Coates also provides a specialist service to move cable for the telecommunications industry.

The Denholm Group has a 26% shareholding in Anglo-Eastern, one of the world’s leading ship management companies that technically manages over 650 ships from offices around the world.

Denholm Logistics

Denholm Logistics is a division of the Denholm Group, providing regional, national and global logistics solutions and port services.  Serving customers across the UK and Ireland, it leverages the group’s footprint and global network to provide the quality of service that enables customers to meet their commitments.

Each business within the Denholm Logistics division has an established track record, with a core expertise that has been honed over decades.  Their mantra is to provide a consistent and reliable service to customers as their requirements continue to evolve at an accelerating pace.

Denholm Seafoods

Fishing at sea can be tough, challenging work. To help their skippers upgrade to modern, efficient boats – or to help them secure their first fishing vessel – Denholm Fishselling invests in boats and quota, together with the skipper. Currently Denholm has investments in over 20 fishing companies and partnerships. It also helps their skippers market their catch and manage the commercial administration of running a fishing business, as well as supplying chandlery provisions needed to run a fishing boat. In essence, working with Denholm Fishselling, skippers can focus on their true passion – landing a quality catch.

Denholm Seafoods processes pelagic fish caught from sustainable fisheries in the rich waters of the North East Atlantic. Principally mackerel, herring and the delicacy herring roe are processed at our quayside plant in Peterhead, Europe’s leading fishing port. The factory is supplied primarily by the boats that are owned by business partners, who own four modern pelagic trawlers. Their customers expect high quality fish products with full traceability, and Denholm Seafoods consistently meet their expectations by working collaboratively with our fishing partners, combined with stringent quality standards and controls.

Denholm Industrial Services

Adopting the latest in safety innovation, Denholm’s scaffolding and access solutions ensure that all users are in a safe environment when working at height. Its suspended access and lifting applications provide specialist access to unconventional or difficult-to-reach structures.

The division provides containment and environmental encapsulation to protect covered civil and military structures from the elements, or to protect the environment from contaminants from our work. The Industrial Services division also works with dropped object netting to capture falling objects whilst projects are under repair or construction.

The skills and expertise of its technicians in evaluating the condition of metal and floor surfaces, surface preparation and coating system applications can reduce maintenance periods and improve structural longevity.

As a result of continued growth, the finance function has recently made some structural changes and as a result, the business is now recruiting an Internal Audit & Compliance Manager. For more information please contact Amy Peoples and to view a Position Profile click here.