New Role, New Country – the Benefits of Making a Move

Will Dodds recently made the move from London to Edinburgh, joining Rutherford Cross to focus on permanent senior finance appointments in the East of Scotland.  Here he shares his motivation for moving, and how it has benefited his career and life outside of work.

My journey to Edinburgh started in late 2020 as with many during a global pandemic, I began reflecting on what I was hoping to achieve in my career, but also life in general. London had offered a fantastic grounding, however, it felt right to spread my wings in a new environment to expand on my existing recruitment knowledge across a new Landscape.

When exploring potential locations, Edinburgh was always top of the list. The city, people, and ability to explore was a huge part of it, but like most during this time I really felt that it was time for change. The big piece of the puzzle however was finding a business to welcome me, but also allow me to continue with my career development.

After meeting Jamie Livingston, Founding Director of the Livingston James Group and Mark Lewis, Managing Director of Rutherford Cross and being introduced to the culture, values, and purpose of the wider group, it was clear that the stars aligned and I am proud to say I have joined a brilliant business, surrounded by excellent colleagues and a group of extremely high performing people.

Two months have gone in a flash but it already seems like an eternity ago that I was commuting every day for up to an hour, fighting for space on public transport to stare at my phone and tune into a podcast before the rush to the barriers and another day of work in the big smoke! Now I enjoy a 12-minute walk in the fresh air to the office where I can have daily views of Edinburgh Castle in a location surrounded by bustling bars, shops, and excellent restaurants.

The Scottish Recruitment Market

It is hard not to compare two very different markets as I get to understand the Scottish recruitment landscape. Working in finance recruitment in London was an amazing experience and a fantastic foundation to help me springboard into a new environment. However,  if you are like me and want variety, the move to Scotland allowed me to elevate my knowledge across different sectors.

London for many is very centred around one particular industry depending on what business you work for, in my case specifically Real Estate. Although I really enjoyed immersing myself in everything property, building great relationships, and working with some fantastic people and businesses, I always felt it slightly limited my exposure to what other industries can offer qualified accountants. As Finance is a highly transferable skillset, it is great to be able to cross sell to both clients and candidates, entertaining the benefits of one sector to another.

Now that I am officially working in Scotland, I have thoroughly enjoyed the ability to work across a number of industries. Only eight weeks into my time here I have had the privilege of working with some fascinating companies, both large and small, with their own unique steer on what being entrepreneurial looks like. These have varied from sustainable fish facilities to housebuilders, green energy investors, and infrastructure businesses. I not only have the joy of selling more than just an industry, but the unique career trajectory these businesses offer along with how finance teams can add even more value to the wider business operations.

Scotland has a fantastic reputation for producing top quality accountants which is something I have noticed from the get-go. In addition, the willingness for both clients and candidates to listen to market trends, adjust accordingly and look to the future to ensure they are pushing boundaries has made it easier to bring the right people together.

This paired with the genuine interest in what we are working on from clients and candidates alike, has really cemented why moving here was a great decision.

Life in Edinburgh

Outside of work, my expectations truly have become a reality. Not only did I recently welcome my daughter to the world, the days are getting longer allowing more time to explore our new city and enjoy an abundance of local delicacies, as well as the opportunity to explore the beautiful Scottish countryside which is just a short drive away.

I am really excited as to what the future holds as I continue to embark on a new adventure in a new country and look forward to the relationships I build along the way. I also look forward to embedding myself in the qualified finance market in Edinburgh and Rutherford Cross’ continued expansion in the East.

If you are considering a move to Scotland and would like to hear more about my own experience, or would like to hear more about the live opportunities available through Rutherford Cross please get in touch at [email protected]