The Netherlands Leading the Way in Transfer Pricing

hollandThe Netherlands leading the way in Transfer Pricing

The Netherlands has always had a strong and internationally focused economy and business community and has always been an attractive location on the seaboard of Western Europe. Here, International Tax Recruiter Kasia Mackie of Rutherford Cross explains why a career opportunity in the Netherlands is one that should be at the top of the list.

What makes the Netherlands an attractive location for career development?

The Netherlands can offer world class tax experience and career advancement prospects. It has the best tax academy in the world and therefore produces the highest calibre of tax professionals. The corporate tax and VAT system is highly attractive to large multinational firms, generating great interest from businesses regarding setting up European headquarters. In addition, the transfer pricing work is highly advanced, with exposure to structuring, planning and BMO to make the work that bit more attractive.

Despite the Netherlands having a strong economy, it is however, still recovering from the recession which creates positive advantages for international candidates, such as house prices, which are still very low. In general, external demand is now beginning to pick up and business confidence is improving with unemployment rates projected to fall from an average of 7.3% in 2014 to around 6.5% by 2018. GDP growth is predicted to be just 0.75% for 2014 before accelerating to 1.25% in 2015 and then about 1.4% a year in 2016-2018. This will mean more recruitment and more competition for jobs from international candidates.

What can the Netherlands offer as a location to live in?

What is not to love about the Netherlands? It may be a small country but it is beautiful, filled with canal towns, windmills and a long and rich history. Amsterdam has great tourist attractions and, only an hour away, Rotterdam is host to a vibrant nightlife and top-class museums. The Netherlands also has more than 20 national parks and hundreds of other nature reserves so there is plenty to see and do. With the great amount of travel prospects across Europe, this all adds up to making the Netherlands an extremely location to relocate to. Curiously, the Netherlands holds the record for the tallest people in the world.