Navigating New Terrain – CFO to Managing Director – Alan Kilpatrick, North British Distillery Company

Following the success of our event in Glasgow back in June, Rutherford Cross welcomed back Alan Kilpatrick, Managing Director of The North British Distillery Company, to speak at the latest CFO to MD boardroom lunch which explored the career options that exist beyond the role of CFO.

This session was held in the Santander offices on St Andrew Square in Edinburgh and kindly hosted by Jonathan Kelly and Gavin Smith. We were joined by a number of Scotland’s leading CFOs and Finance Directors for what was another lively and informative session.

Although the previous session was only four months ago, much had changed politically and economically to reflect upon, especially in relation to inflation and interest rates, and their impact on the like prevailing conditions for 2023 and beyond. Some of those factors were very much on the horizon back in June, but unlikely that many of us could have predicated that a new Prime Minister would have come and gone in the meantime too!

For a full synopsis of the topics covered, please review the last full report from the Glasgow sessions.


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