Living and Working in Scotland – the Benefits

The UK has always been a popular destination for Qualified Accountants from all over the World to come to and develop their skills while enjoying everything that the country has to offer. London has typically been the destination of choice but there is a growing number of Australian, New Zealand, South African, Indian, Chinese, EU, and North and South American travellers seeing the benefit of flying an extra hour north and basing themselves in Scotland. The first hurdle is securing the relevant visa status.


Scotland’s Economy

Scotland has a wonderfully diverse economy. Glasgow has a significant number of businesses in Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering and Construction, whilst Edinburgh is the established centre for Banking, Financial Services and the Scottish Government. It is also home to an extremely fast-growing Technology sector with a number of high growth businesses in this sector being backed by private equity and venture capital funding.

Aberdeen’s economy has traditionally been based on Oil & Gas, and although the job market has not been as strong over the last couple of years due to low oil prices, there are signs of recovery as we enter 2019. Scotland also has strengths in manufacturing in its more rural areas including Fife and the Scottish Borders.  Further north there are a number of whisky distilleries based around Inverness and Elgin. Scotland is home to a number of global corporates, but its backbone is very much formed on large privately owned companies, many of which now have significant international reach.  You can find out more about the types of businesses hiring senior finance roles in Scotland here.


Work / Life Balance

In Scotland it is realistic to be able to commute in under an hour to your place of work. Scotland offers city life during the week but with easy access to exceptional countryside at the weekends. Glasgow and Edinburgh are internationally renowned cities with a global reputation for tourism, shopping, night life, sport and culture. The main attractions include Edinburgh Castle, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Murrayfield for international rugby in Edinburgh or Hampden for football in Glasgow.


Where to Stay

The cost of living in Scotland is significantly lower than it is in London. For example, a two bedroom flat in Scotland will cost between £600 – £1,000 per month to rent compared to between £2,000 – £2,500 per month in London. The quality of life is arguably better too with less congestion on the roads, cheaper public transport and lower living costs, including eating and drinking out.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two most popular destinations for non-UK residents to relocate. Both have excellent transportation links and quality of accommodation. You can find out more about finding a place to stay in Scotland here.

Education and Health Service

All UK residents have access to the National Health Service which is free of charge for everyone. This helps make the UK a unique and highly attractive place to stay. Scotland is internationally renowned for its leading education provision, from Primary and Secondary School through to Further and Higher Education, including Glasgow University and Edinburgh University that are both in the top 1% globally. You can find out more about living and working in Scotland here.


The Benefits of Hiring International Talent

The competition for talent in Scotland is high and companies understand there are numerous benefits of hiring high calibre individuals from different cultures and economies. Hiring a finance professional from outside the UK can help introduce connections to international markets and help to introduce alternative working practices. With Brexit around the corner and the threat of more restricted movement of workers from the EU, the demand for imported talent is very likely going to increase.


When you have confirmed that you are coming to the UK please get in touch. For more information on the interim opportunities being handled by Rutherford Cross in Scotland please contact [email protected] or [email protected].