Interim Virtual Roundtable – Sharing Best Practice

We recently held the latest in our Virtual Interim Roundtable events with 10 Qualified Accountants currently active in the Edinburgh and Glasgow Interim markets. The objective of these calls is to build connections, especially during this period of isolation, and also to share best practice across the forum and out into the wider marketplace.

The initial discussion was on virtual interviewing and virtual on-boarding which has now become the norm for both interim and permanent processes.

The conversation then progressed onto Digital Transformation with the current situation accelerating change in almost every aspect of the Finance role. It perhaps has not played out yet, but the prediction is that there will be a significant upturn in ERP Transformation projects across many businesses in the short to medium term. It is true that large scale change and transformation costs money and so affordability and access to cash will be a key element in determining which businesses push on with their Transformation plans, along with the recognition that change may be imperative to their future survival and competitiveness. Change is going to be the new BAU.

Finally, the discussion moved onto how we are going to work as finance teams going forward. There are definite drawbacks to working from home full time such as it can negatively affect learning for individuals and across the team. There is no substitute for sitting next to excellence and it is recognised that it is also harder to coach team members virtually. It is also very difficult to instil your companies’ culture virtually. It was stated that the desired future way or working is a mixed model, combining working in the office with your team and working from home.

There is also, of course, a wider benefit of getting back into the office and support local commerce in town and city centre’s that depend on us all being present. Hopefully, we can return to having some sort of presence in the office soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the call and hopefully there are some useful insights above to take into your next virtual interview or role. If you would like to discuss anything of the issues raised please get in touch with either [email protected] or [email protected].