Interim Finance – A Growing Market

Rutherford Cross new start, Sean Hanley, specialises in interim finance in Edinburgh and the East.  He takes a look at the state of the interim market in his first blog for the business.

Whilst there can be no doubt that the current political climate is creating all sorts of headaches for business, one area that is thriving is interim finance.

Currently, the interim finance market in Scotland is very much candidate driven, with interim finance professionals often finishing one contract and heading straight into another.

There are several reasons for this, but business uncertainty is a significant factor.  Some businesses that, in a more stable environment, would chose to appoint a permanent hire to their finance team are instead reducing risk but opting for a senior interim candidate who is able to get the job done to the required standard, without the commitment of a permanent staff member.

Other businesses are looking to safeguard their businesses by putting additional finance practices into place, and what better way to manage this short term need than hiring a senior finance professional who is available on a short to medium term basis?  There is also a trend for hiring contractors with specific expertise rather than outsourcing to large finance organisations at significant cost.

Whilst the opportunities for interim finance candidates are flourishing, it is important for a successful finance interim to have all the key skills required to get the job done.  These include the ability to build relationships easily, get up to speed quickly with the task in hand, and communicate effectively with the wider workforce.

At Rutherford Cross we work with an experienced pool of senior interim finance professionals, many of whom have developed their interim career as a lifestyle and career choice.  By taking on a range of interim roles across sectors and disciplines, finance professionals can accelerate their learning and development by experiencing a variety of challenges across different sectors.    We work with our networks and referral sources to provide access to a wide range of interim roles to these professionals, many that are ‘off-market’.

Whilst forging a career in interim finance is not without its challenges, it can provide flexibility, the opportunity to travel, as well as exposure to a wide range of sectors and projects.  A great opportunity for those ready to take it, particularly in the current market.

To discuss your interim finance needs, contact Sean at [email protected].

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