Children’s Health Scotland are seeking a Treasurer

Children’s Health Scotland is the only charity in Scotland which is dedicated to promoting and championing the needs of all children and young people and their families at times of illness. They inform children and young people, parents and carers of their rights and responsibilities, where to access advice and support and what they should expect from health service providers. CHS empowers parents and carers to participate in decisions about the treatment and care of their children. They supply information and resources, support and advice with the aim of helping families access the best possible healthcare.

Children’s Health Scotland is an independent organisation and so is not part of any health board or hospital. To date funding is primarily through government grants and donations and there is a large focus on policy, programmes and working in partnership with a multitude of stakeholders.

The Treasurer will monitor the financial affairs the charity and report to the Executive Committee at regular intervals on the financial situation of the organisation, in line with good practice and in accordance with its Articles of Association and relevant legal and regulatory guidelines.

The is an opportunity to support a very worthwhile organisation providing important services to the Scottish community. In addition, it provides a platform for a finance professional to develop new skills and experience, all of which may lead to other pro-bono and non-executive roles in future.

For further information please review the full job spec here