Rutherford Cross is retained to appoint a Finance Manager based in the city centre of Edinburgh for the Edinburgh International Festival.

The Edinburgh International Festival was established in 1947 as a world class cultural event to bring together audiences and artists from around the world. As such a vibrant, innovative, energetic organisation, the International Festival contributes to many aspects of life, be it cultural and economic, education and society and enhances the lives of people not just in Edinburgh and Scotland, but around the world.


  • Present a wide range of performances from the world’s leading artists to the widest possible audience
  • Offer affordable international culture to audiences from Scotland, the rest of the UK and the world
  • Offer an international showcase for Scotland’s rich culture
  • Present innovative performances and programming and a commitment to new work
  • Actively welcome and make it possible for all sections of the Scottish and wider public to experience and enjoy the International Festival
  • Encourage everyone to participate in the arts throughout the year

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and the world’s Festival City. With its incredible history and outstanding beauty, Edinburgh is a constant source of inspiration for what we do at the International Festival.

During August, when the International Festival is joined by five other official festivals, the population more than doubles as it plays host to hundreds of thousands of visitors and performers from all over the world.

Edinburgh International Festival has grown significantly and as a result the finance team is looking to recruit a Finance Manager into this dynamic and exiting business.

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